Monday, 4 June 2007

The Spear of Bellerophon for COD

Level name : The Spear of Bellerophon

Author : Adam 'SK Commando' Watts

Date of release : 24 October 2004

Size : 5 022 ko

Number of maps : 1

Website : here

Download link: here


None this release was developped as a tutorial map from a quite interesting project that never came out, certainly because it was too ambitious


In this test map you will travel through a kind of complex after you land with your squad, Design is ok but not really above average, the author tells this was mostly published just for scripting and doesn't really shows his mapping quality. All considered it's quite well done and even if it looks a little restricted by walls or mine field it is correctly squaled and well lighted (especially indoor).

Gameplay through scripting is the most interesting part of this release objective are well crafter through your mission and qsquad experience and will through you in some nasty traps and battle (surpise when you put the bomb in the control room or when you need to pass the mine field) battle are well put together to create an enjoyable experience and make it worth to play.

In conclusion: this 'test' release shows really the mapping skill from Adam but sadly since 2004 there is no more news about the mod they were working out trying to retrace the history of English airborne... hope their could be still, on one day, several map released cause i quite be should they are from great quality regarding this small intro we can play

Playtime : 30 Minutes

Rating : A B C D E (73%)

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