Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Angoville for COD2

A special thank for Tim who send me an email for pointing this one out...don't hesitate to contact me if you found or did some interesting stuff

Level name : Angoville

Author : Soulwax

Date of release : 22 November 2007

Size : 13 349 ko

Number of maps : 1

Website : None

Download link: here 'you may perhaps need to register to download it!

Alternative download:

Other map reviewed from the author :

Hedgerow siege


No real story it's just a mission close to the end of the war after the D-day. You and your squad will need to take back and hold a little town called Angoville in Normandy

Like the author tells in the readme (that has been integrated in the .iwd folder) this one is it's third release and in my opinion is a good improvement from what he did before.

Design is ok, it's done in what we can consider as a small village quite spread over a huge farming landfield. the terrain isn' not to flat and all visited houses are well squaled and look quite realistic. the way bushes,wall's and all those stuff make you progress in a linear way was also correctly handled...realism was perhaps the little things that botter me a little: artificial obstacle in the field tractor machine in an open field during bombing doesn't really make sense... the trench was also a little out of context but appart from those minor issues I may say it was correctly builded up in a dark cloudy evening.

Gameplay is intense with lot's of ambushes good enemies respawning . Everything is well balanced using good but short handled objectives, the squadron play mission also add a more intense experience especially regarding the field mission where you need to reach a far away objective under heavy fire...
You progression is mostly straight forward but the team experience make it more realistic. the battles are always well handled and make me compare this to preview really good release as Leningrad, StLamaire and Eastyork.

In conclusion: This third release from soulwax was a quite enjoyable and intense one . Even if the way the general design was made could be improve, the way soulwax manage to script this entire mission was a really good surpise and even if it could suffer from minor design issues, the experience is well worth the download.

Playtime : 40 minutes

Rating : A B C D E (74%)

Monday, 5 November 2007

Moabit for cod

Level name : Moabit

Author : Sturmgoat

Date of release : 05 September 2005

Size : 1 287 ko

Number of maps : 1

Website : none

Download link: here

Other map reviewed from the author :
St Eugene

Story: none


This one is based on the destroyed city of Berlin during the last days of war. It's an intense experience in a highly destroyed city where the only aim is to get to a certain place take a trophy and come back to the start position...

Design even if representing from the first eye looking a well designed destroy city is far away to be realistic at all...Looking to the real city of Berlin even if it was totally destroyed was build arround main road that you cannot see here the organisation of the combat is set as a maze progression is quite flatty (where did all those colapsing walls disapears?) and misses certainly also an approach not only limited to a cave (not really realistic...how did those box arrived there) but more on undistroyed floor.

Gameplay is stray forward in a maze searching with tons of ambushes from a really huge squadron (over 120 german soldiers) respowning from everywhere without any logic...gameplay is quite intense to even frustrating when you get killed from a place you just 'cleaned' 10 seconds before. The only aim is to get a relic 'german gold eagle' and get back to the starting point. Hopefully getting some more powerfull weapon with progression especially fg40 make it in some place a little bit fun...

In conlcusion: On a first eye looking (screen above) this map look quite correctly design and could produce a enjoyable entertainment. thorugh overuse of enemies and the way so seems to be canalized in a unrealistic maze can easaly turn to experience to a huge doses of frustration...If you have playing nothing for age according WWII and if you want really a huge amount of enemies comming from everywhere then this one is for you.

Playtime : 50 min

Rating : A B C D E (58%)