Sunday, 21 December 2008

Hedgerow siege for COD2

Level name : Hedgerow siege

Author : Soulwax

Date of release : 31 January 2007

Size : 5 243 ko

Number of maps : 1

Website : None

Download link: here 'you may perhaps need to register to download it!

Alternative download:

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None regarding to the environment of the map it's shound take place in the north of Belgium or the Netherlands and it's just a mission with as main objective destroying flags


This was the first release from the author for COD2 it's a basic one but enjoyable to play.

Design is made with a biginner touch, flat map with oriented progression through canalized progression with ton's of bushes all building or structure you will encounter a defenetly missing realism but you easily understand what the author wanted to make all in all it isn't that bad but a little not enough realistic

Gameplay is quite enjoyable even sometimes a little hard due to the fact that the automatic saving are place just before some thaught combats, it's a squad mission so you won't be alone, objective are well organized and it's straight forward, there isn't anything original but it wasn' t a boring mission

In conclusion: this first release according COD2 from soulwax is a typical beginner map but that also show the potential from the mapper design is a little to simple and wont let a memorable feeling but gameplay is enjoyable, if you never play this one before give it a try.

playtime : 30 minutes

Rating : A B C D E (56%)

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