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Call of Duty Valor for CODUO

Level name : Call of Duty Valor

Author : Briant 'Gunrock' Robinson

Date of release : 5 July 2008

Size : 73 164 ko

Number of maps : 5

Website : here

Download link: here

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Author's Note:

4 single player maps. Play as a 82nd paratrooper, and a british paratrooper.

Railgun: Fight your way through a nazi train yard to capture a railgun.

Ruins: In france deep in the woods the nazis set up a base in the old
french ruins go in hard and clear them out!

Farm: Hq reports that the germans are setting up a flak 88 gun
on a farm close to the main road the allies supply line uses.
Your squad has got a job to do.

Hill52: Hamburger hill your captain calls it. the germans got that
hill covered with mg42 bunker's land mines and a hard edge
german division to top it all off. And the brass want that hill!


This is I hope not the last release from Briant, It's an episode that is not as good as other episode previuously reviewed here but it's not far away. Maps aren't really linked together but provide different experiences always oriented in a squad progression, objectives are easy to understand but in all fights you have to remember that the respawn of enemies is associated with your progression, so if you stay to kill enemies they will never stop coming. The four missions are set in different environment with a correct design and an enjoyable scripting and last but not release regarding to previous release from Briant, this time it's challenging enough to give durability. the author took also some music, sound and models to add some special features to the pack, except some weapons sounds, it was perfectly fitting.

First map (Railgun):

for this one you will need to travel through a railway depot and destroy all flag cannons. Layout is correct but a little dispaointing in terms of realism most of building are empty or not enough constructed in term of indoor details and, it also doesn't shows any effect from bombing planes that seems to be always present during this mission, this depot never let me the feeling to be a startegic place to destoy and really looks unrealistic, for the rest the general layout is quite good and the scripting events are well manage to make you travel through this really huge openwided train station depot. Its huge intense and not that easy to pass through.

Second map(Ruins):
this time you need to investigate some ruins left in a forest were german troops found some coverage after their pull back. In this one sherman tanks will be you friend, progression is straight forward in a more realistic environment were german always have good place to hide and ambush you it's quite ckassic in design and architecture but really let a realistic feeling, for the scpiting it's as well handled as in the fist mission and respawn of enmies add a fighting value to this one making it thaught to progress in some places.

Third map(Farm):

After a brief but intense fight trying to protect a main road you will follow your team mate to get into a far away farm well protect by german troops, progression will make iot not that easy to reach the farm and try to take it after there will be a panzer counter attack to fight against with perfect placement of tank that really gonna hurt you... the general layout is enjoyable and all location seems enough detail to make them realistic, short mission briefing is present in this one and perfectly audible, it's ones more injoyable and add the talking dimension of a team... scipting change a little bit at the end with those 'moving' objective but one more it's enjoyable.

Fourth map (Hill52):

here we are with the tanks trying to get rid of those nasty, well protected bunkers it's more simple in this last one progress, eliminate resistance and take the bunker and go forward to do. The same layout, like the scipt but doesn't add anything new to what we saw before and i would expect something much like a timed final battle where you need to hold the position... it's ok well handled but lets an unfinished tasted.

Fifth map (???):
I wont tell about this one but really found the idea original and everything was simple but so efficiant this is really the perfect example of what I, player, like to see...and really finish this one with a personal, highly enjoyable touch.

In conclusion: after a lot of successfull tests maps (that are all available here) Briant came with some bigger project though a four maps episode with more challenge, mixed gameplay experience and mixed environment, this all put together bring something enjoyable that also has some flaws but certainly make us play an enjoyable pack.

Playtime : 1 Hours 40

Rating : A B C D E (87%)

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