Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Trench86 for CODUO

Level name : Trench 86

Author : Briant 'Gunrock' Robinson

Date of release : 1 October 2006

Size : 14 280 ko

Number of maps : 1

Website : none

Download link: here

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You and your Russian comrades are stuck in Trench 86, and you must repulse all enemy attacks. Along with your comrades must hold it at all cost. After another brief mission awaits you...


This is another release from Gunrock that seems to be sleeping on his computer for some time and he, hopefully, decide to finally released it. I'm not sure about the date of release (like for all other of his release) the one mentioned here above is associated with the pk3 file but in the readme there is another date mentioned (23/06/05) if we take in account this one, this is the second release of Briant.

In this map you have two main objectives: first is to resist to a german attack second is to joint the rest of you squad to attack the bunker. Design is one more time quite good, but perhaps especially for the first part to close to one of the original game map it's also (for this part) well put together but in a quite simple mayout. In the other hand and in comparison with wayward this time the experience provide a good spawning of enemies with also a well scripted gamelpay. The second part follow in a perfect way the first part and make a enjoy with a massive realistic bunker that you will need to enter and 'clean' it's all well put together in a really enjoyable architecture and terrain modeling

Gameplay is this time well balance with a good mix between objective to be achive, the team experience well enhanced by some custom music provide and an immersing rush and fight experience. It's still a little to easy but make defenetly a step forward in overall experience in comparison with wayward sadly the mission is fastly completed and also like for the first one ended abruptly .

In conclusion: This is a huge step forward from Briant regarding the scripting coding of an enoyable mission featuring a above average layout. use of voice acting and not simply on text message would have also add a more realistic feeling like the addition of some more thaught combats after achiving the last objective intending the player to escape from the fortress. Critisism is always easy to do but this one defenetly is worth the download

Playtime : 15 minutes

Rating : A B C D E (72%)

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