Thursday, 19 March 2009

COD Assault for CODUO

Level name : Call of Duty Assault

Author : Briant 'Gunrock' Robinson

Date of release : 16 March 2009

Size : 224 286 ko

Number of maps : 12

Website : here

Download link: here

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Author's Note:

12 single player maps. Your a American 3rd Infantry Division Soldier fighting the war in africa, italy and france normandy.


Not so far after an already big release called :COD Valor Briant is back with a even huge addon containing 3 campains (Afrika, Italy and France) from 4 maps each. It has special content with new squad and envrinonment texturing a brand new weapon and new music. For this episode there is no custom voice acting only on text message.

I won't make a as much detailed review as for COD Valor and will only focus on a general approach to focus on things I really liked and the little downwards.

Design is from the same bottle as previous releases from Gunrock, he has reach for me a above average level but except some more complicated architecture I didn't see a huge change between previous release and this one it's certainly not perfrect but really not far away from (what I would like to build things like this...) All theme, according campain, are well implemented and also give some varaition from airfield to town passing by a boat experience even evening or morning missions; Briant really make a huge effort to his pack to make it as much varied as possible. The only minor point to take in account is the fact that Briant does'nt bother about detail and taking time to build them especially regarding indoor parts of town houses where some rooms ave simply fill with armo box or simply...empty.

Gameplay is perfectly balance and really highlight this pack. the way Briant handle you progression and objective to achieve is nearly perfect and really immerse you with your team squad through the 12 maps for each you will play for arround 20min except the two last one that are a lot more challenging (perhaps a too challenging especially the last one). even some of the mission objective where you need to destoy objectives in trench maze or forest may look repetitive but it's a so enjoyable experience that I really don't care from travelling though those maze. In addition to those classic mission Briant added some more original objective with the highlight of the ship escape a la COD4 that was, perhaps short but really briliant and one of my prefered custom mission ever! finally Briant pushes the content like for COD valor to it's end with another enjoyable last sidescrolling cinematic to reward all the people who give him some custom content.

Afrika campain

Italy campain

France campain

In conclusion: Briant is certainly one of the most prolific mapper/designer 'man who can do everything' from this decade, and this always with an above average skill. I really hope he continues in the way of creating single player experience for all of us...This one was a great and memorable experience i will certainly play againin the future and really recommand you to directly, even if the download is huge, download this one that is till now, part of my Hall of fame custom collection.

Highly Recommanded

Playtime : 5 Hours

Rating : A B C D E (92%)


Michael said...

I have to agree with the review of this map pack.

It could have used some more detail for realism, houses should not be empty boxes. Also, mg42s should not be able to shoot through a huge boulder.

Some parts were really hard but overall it is very good.

Stef said...

thanks for the comment ;)