Friday, 16 January 2009

Homefront: Cells for COD4

Level name : Homefront : Cells

Author : Babycop

Date of release : 17 April 2008

Size : 49 450 ko

Number of maps : 1

Website : here

Download link: here

Other map reviewed from the author :

SP Offensive,Leningrad,Stalingrad,Homefront: Downtown

Story and Mission (take from the readme file):

The world we know is changing. The western world dives into a new era.
Boundaries are broken. New frontiers are reached.
The war on terror, chaos, and tyranny has set foot onto new grounds.
The fight is carried to our doorstep.
This is the Homefront.

As part of an anti-terrorism unit, you must proceed with the arrest of several
members of a terrorist cell plotting an imminent attack on american soil.
Located in Montreal (Quebec), Canada, the cell has established itself in an
appartment building and has kept a low profile. Local authorities have been notified,
and an exterior perimeter is established.
Secure the building and capture/neutralize the terrorists while avoiding all
civillian casualties.


After two interesting major release for COD2 called Leningrad and Stalingrad the 'brothers team' come back with a new mission made for Call of Duty 4 . It be considered as a different approach accodring the COD4 engine more oirented on scritping than design

Design and architecture look quite basic in a building environment with a starting position from the garage and objectives oriented while progression through floors. The general design and layout or correctly manage but repetitive in a quite limited indoor and dark layout... there is no real critics but simply regarding to previous COD2 release it tend to be a little below average.

Gameplay is the interesting part of this release through constant contact with your headquater (through audio recorded voices from good quality) you will try to accomplish different mission from eliminated a terrorist group, thourgh saving some hostage and passing the wire of a counter attack everything is made for you with the help of you squad to have no rest's simple well done but sadly a little repetitive

In conclusion: This is the first approach from babycop to this fourth opus of COD it's certainly mostly oriented to learn the engine and simply a way of killing two birds with one's not a memorable one but it's at least immersing you for arround 20 minutes in a terosit battle perhaps a little up to date regarding the actual news...

Playtime : 20 minutes

Rating : A B C D E (67%)

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Happy New year to all

I wish to all of you the best for the upcoming year(s) and would like to thank you all for your discrete support during this past 2 years (I didn't have a single post of feedback during the past two years), but having close to 1000 hits in 3 month and was a great surprise that encourage me to update this blog more during the last two months.

the future of this blog will i hope be reoriented to game that still are not covered as COD4 and MOHAA this mainly because, except one or two releases, all the best i could find for COD, CODUO and COD2 is reviewed here but if you could help me digging some stuffs i would really appreciate it.

In the meantime i will also be catch by the updating of my other blog (link in the title) and the new season for virtual rally at Rallyesim