Thursday, 8 January 2009

Happy New year to all

I wish to all of you the best for the upcoming year(s) and would like to thank you all for your discrete support during this past 2 years (I didn't have a single post of feedback during the past two years), but having close to 1000 hits in 3 month and was a great surprise that encourage me to update this blog more during the last two months.

the future of this blog will i hope be reoriented to game that still are not covered as COD4 and MOHAA this mainly because, except one or two releases, all the best i could find for COD, CODUO and COD2 is reviewed here but if you could help me digging some stuffs i would really appreciate it.

In the meantime i will also be catch by the updating of my other blog (link in the title) and the new season for virtual rally at Rallyesim

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