Sunday, 26 July 2009

Death on th Westwall for MOHAA

updated info 10/09/09

Level name : Death on the Westwall

Author : Dietmar 'Manstein' Hartje

Date of release : 10 August 2002

Size : 1 137 ko

Number of maps : 1

Website : none


Author's note:



I have no info about this one graciously send by Alexander and it was certainly a good surpise. You aim is to run through a snow village on a fogy afternoon in order to find the SS commander and kill him.

Design is well put together with some great touch in layout and architecture, we can complain a little about those textured vegetation walls that are directing our travel but this is for me a minor issue regarding to the general layout of this map. At first you will discover a well detailed farm with good architecture and interesting texture attention (even if some room didn't get some element of detail), the road is also well made in a not flat layout, after the forest is a little bit more appoximative, but the train bridge and the two rail wagons add something really important in a map: the depth.

Gameplay is what we are looking for, perhaps not enough challenging but enemies placement are well done; there is, even if the map isn't huge, a lot of corner to explore with no bad surprise...the single objective will make you reach to end of the map quite fast, this will complete your enjoyment abruptly when the officer is killed...

In conclusion: through it's minor flaws and abrupt end it's easy to recognise that this map was never totlally finished, this is a shame regarding the quality that was put in this's certainly a recommanded one and if you don't take attention to it's flaws you will enjoy this one that could be a interesting MP map too thorugh it's different location and tiny size

Playtime : 20 minutes

Rating : A B C D E (74%)

Friday, 24 July 2009

The Great River for MOHAA

Level name : The Great River

Author : George 'BAX' Baxevanis

Date of release : 3 january 2003

Size : 527 ko

Number of maps : 1

Website : none

Download: at filefront

Author's note:

It is a single player map for MOHAA. I worked a lot with the AI part and the script.The map is fictional and the place is not historically accurate. I wanted to make a stage that has water, bunkers and chaos(like OMAHA)..

This is another really short experience straight forwar in a limited area main objective is to cross the river, enter the bunker area and clear everything and final face the cunter attack.
Design is quite limited to some terrain two bunker and some small feature, there are no error (I may have missed them) and no highlight that is quite basic map.
Gameplay is quite easy when you enter the bunker area (first puzzle is not perfectly functionning) and then well helped by your team mate I will be a 'cleaning' rush nothing else to tell and quite fast finished...

In conclusion: this is really the less we can ask for having something to shew on...

Playtime : 10 minutes

Rating : A B C D E (52%)

Monday, 20 July 2009

Top Secret Facility for MOHAA

Level name : Top Secret Facility

Author : Carl 'Moonglum' Kam

Date of release : 20 december 2003

Size : 502 ko

Number of maps : 1

Website : here not working anymore


Author's note:

You must infiltrate a top secret underground launch facility for V2 rockets and stop the launch.


So here we go with the fist Medal Of Honor experience, it's a pretty basic one with a major objective and 3 additional (not necessary) small ones.

Design is a compilation of room and hallways pretty basic with limited environement (storage room, office, training room, generator room,...) squale is ok like the layout. Enemy placement is well put together to give some limited challlenge. Progression is straight forward but with different route, it will make you progress from floor to floor till the launching bay.

Gameplay is mostly oriented to kill enemies and fix the alternative objective (recovering papers) until the final objective, everything is basic without no puzzles or heavy fights.

In conclusion: I won't consider this one like a great one, the author manage to put things together in a limited way, but for what was done it was well done. It won't give you a lot of challenge but except its tiny size and simple objective features there is nothing to complain about, so just make a rush in t for less than 10 minutes and if you don't expect to much it will be an honorable expeirence.

Playtime : 10 minutes

Rating : A B C D E (58%)

Monday, 6 July 2009

Men of Valor

Men of Valor Personal review

Publisher : vivendi universal
Developper : 2015

Minimum reiquirements:

  • Pentium IV
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • 500Mb HDD
  • 64Mb 3d card

Test: Made on average skill using the default setting on my computer [ AMD64 - 2Gb Ram - GEforce 6 128 Mb] no slow down and perfect render of effect and graphics .

Cost: it can now easily be find for less than 5 $/€ in some second hand store or for a little bit more as classic retail version in megastores .


The game puts the player in the role of Dean Shepard, a black Marine stationed in Vietnam in 1965. With this scenario come many references to the problems of racial segregation and this is enhanced by the letter conversation between father and soon about the small descent to hell of is his young brother. This letter conversation and the change of objective during the mission (not only saving your life but also the one of your brother) add certainly a parallel immersing storyline to the classic and simple rush trough missions.


Through 12 missions (53 maps), 2015 will try to immerse you into the Vietnam war with some interesting touch like the cutscenes performed with a movie 16/9 size (screen here below), the story behind at every loading mission and even some real movie archive. They try really to put you into the adventure. The mission design is what I expected from the creator of Medal of Honor : Allied assault with well put together environment with all what was put already in advance before through the Vietcong serie (sadly for 2015 they came after this first visit of Vietnam through FPS that was really a success for me) they visited the same type of environment with some really good highlight like the tick grass where search for enemies isn’t that evident and the impressive explosion and fire effects. But those stuff felt a bit light and didn’t clean away my taught of replaying just another Vietcong addon with some better texture.

The location of all mission where quite interesting and not to devoted to jungle or underground experiences with a good twist between day and night sun and rain I would have expected some more vehicle mission that was mostly limited to the boat one. The squad experience is always present and even if they don’t really act as good as in COD, squad mission is certainly pushing you to give the best that you can. Also what was a good point was that the mission were well organized as a ‘run to escape’ war and not a run for glory this taking in account that this war was a real down turn for the United States of America.

The AI except there sometimes erratic behaviour, are well designed and have really a realistic layout not as much as the weapons but still enjoyable, but one more this doesn’t really add a positive value to what was done before.


Like for the Vietcong series to find some munitions or feature you will need to search bodies but this time they will quite fast disappear, the collaboration between you and your squad isn’t always that efficient and this especially when you receive order to follow ‘Mr Brown’ but the game doesn’t feature the soldier name as in COD series…also the objective to achieve through the direction you need to follow (compass) can make you turn around for a certain time because you missed something without knowing what to do, the cherry on the cake is certainly the fact that you cannot save but need to pass a certain point to have an autosave… this can make some experience really frustrating to the lack of some autosaving (you will see what I mean trough the ambush mission (7th) where on the way back to the camp you will never encounter an autosave…it took me around 10 time to finish this one… the bandage system was in comparison a good additional feature where you can hide yourself recover the wound and restart the fight. The challenge was well present and adds some epic combats that will be appreciated when finished, but one more time there wasn’t enough destroying objective mission (putting bombs) or timed mission like in COD or Vietcong where you need to hold a position with a counter decreasing.

In conclusion: I had a good time but felt really disappointed at the end of this game through is frustrating saving system is missing originality the game just felt off with no real replay value like previous release certainly have…For a game that came out in 2004 there was never an interested community that grow up with the game, no planetMenofValor, no real covering website (or the one that was died quite fast) and I think that there was no custom single player mission ever done.
The only good point is now that you can easily find this game for a quite interesting prize and give it a try but be aware that Men of Valor will never be as good as it’s predecessor (MOH, COD and Vietcong).

Playtime: 13 hours


Sunday, 5 July 2009

The secret of the 3rd Reich for COD

Level name : The secret of the 3rd Reich

Author : unknown

Date of release : 1 March 2005

Size : 14 860 ko

Number of maps : 9

Website : none


for the objective to be on screen (exept the loading screen) if you don' t use a english or russian version just follow the explanation how to do it here


None included


Even if this one is compiled as a simple file the adventure is devided in 9 different maps the changing between map can be a little special regarding with the normal way of building mission but it won't be a lot perturbating. Each map wil take arround 10 minutes to be played in a mostly forest/bunker set arround a railway environment really well put together and highlychallenging in several places

Design is well put together with luminosity changing while you progress just like in a normal day. the attention to detail is well balanced and this, even if, your progression will be oriented by the design path road without no real possibility to explore arround (it's mostly staight forward) each map contain mostly one objective that except for the first one (spoiler into the zip file) seems quite obvious, the environment is not redundant from a farm to a base getting into a railway station or a bunker will hold you busy always in a enjoyable layout and except the fact that most of the building and tower aren't accessible it's at least catching you interest.

Gameplay is mostly oriented on battle with here and there something to activate, fights are well ballanced with hords of german coming from everywhere, choice of weapon will certainly make you qwest easier regarding the one you pick up, it's quite challenging but never frustating due to the fact that health is well place, sneaking arround will also help you better survive this whole experience...just pay attention to several german who won't hesitate to shoot at you with panzerfaust.

In conclusion :I'm really glad that Alexander share his collection of east releases with me so i can share it with wwspmapcorner readers, this first find it a perfect entertainment with action good design you will certainly be glad to play it when you have time

Playtime : 1 hour 30 Minutes

Rating : A B C D E (88%)


Thanks to a kind russian reader, Alexander, I will be soon adding several map from the eastern community, not only providing me links Alexandr also translate the script to make it undersandable for non russian

A really big thanks to him ;)

Regarding the poll it's obvious that people would like to see some MOH stuff too, I will so try to add also several one for this game

A new poll will start soon ;)

I've recently play Men of Valor and will add a review of it