Sunday, 5 July 2009

The secret of the 3rd Reich for COD

Level name : The secret of the 3rd Reich

Author : unknown

Date of release : 1 March 2005

Size : 14 860 ko

Number of maps : 9

Website : none


for the objective to be on screen (exept the loading screen) if you don' t use a english or russian version just follow the explanation how to do it here


None included


Even if this one is compiled as a simple file the adventure is devided in 9 different maps the changing between map can be a little special regarding with the normal way of building mission but it won't be a lot perturbating. Each map wil take arround 10 minutes to be played in a mostly forest/bunker set arround a railway environment really well put together and highlychallenging in several places

Design is well put together with luminosity changing while you progress just like in a normal day. the attention to detail is well balanced and this, even if, your progression will be oriented by the design path road without no real possibility to explore arround (it's mostly staight forward) each map contain mostly one objective that except for the first one (spoiler into the zip file) seems quite obvious, the environment is not redundant from a farm to a base getting into a railway station or a bunker will hold you busy always in a enjoyable layout and except the fact that most of the building and tower aren't accessible it's at least catching you interest.

Gameplay is mostly oriented on battle with here and there something to activate, fights are well ballanced with hords of german coming from everywhere, choice of weapon will certainly make you qwest easier regarding the one you pick up, it's quite challenging but never frustating due to the fact that health is well place, sneaking arround will also help you better survive this whole experience...just pay attention to several german who won't hesitate to shoot at you with panzerfaust.

In conclusion :I'm really glad that Alexander share his collection of east releases with me so i can share it with wwspmapcorner readers, this first find it a perfect entertainment with action good design you will certainly be glad to play it when you have time

Playtime : 1 hour 30 Minutes

Rating : A B C D E (88%)

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