Sunday, 26 July 2009

Death on th Westwall for MOHAA

updated info 10/09/09

Level name : Death on the Westwall

Author : Dietmar 'Manstein' Hartje

Date of release : 10 August 2002

Size : 1 137 ko

Number of maps : 1

Website : none


Author's note:



I have no info about this one graciously send by Alexander and it was certainly a good surpise. You aim is to run through a snow village on a fogy afternoon in order to find the SS commander and kill him.

Design is well put together with some great touch in layout and architecture, we can complain a little about those textured vegetation walls that are directing our travel but this is for me a minor issue regarding to the general layout of this map. At first you will discover a well detailed farm with good architecture and interesting texture attention (even if some room didn't get some element of detail), the road is also well made in a not flat layout, after the forest is a little bit more appoximative, but the train bridge and the two rail wagons add something really important in a map: the depth.

Gameplay is what we are looking for, perhaps not enough challenging but enemies placement are well done; there is, even if the map isn't huge, a lot of corner to explore with no bad surprise...the single objective will make you reach to end of the map quite fast, this will complete your enjoyment abruptly when the officer is killed...

In conclusion: through it's minor flaws and abrupt end it's easy to recognise that this map was never totlally finished, this is a shame regarding the quality that was put in this's certainly a recommanded one and if you don't take attention to it's flaws you will enjoy this one that could be a interesting MP map too thorugh it's different location and tiny size

Playtime : 20 minutes

Rating : A B C D E (74%)

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