Tuesday, 18 August 2009

test_lonesniper for MOHAA

Level name : test_lonesniper

Author : zaphad1

Date of release : 16 December 2008

Size : 876 ko

Number of maps : 1

Website : none


Author's note:



I didn't find any info about this one kindly send by shurr (who I cannot thanks enough for the bunch of information and file he sended to me). This one is certainly not from great quality but it certainly provide a thaught experience full of frustrating moment since you're alone again a quite important (more than 100) german squadron.

Design is quite basic to even poor, there is a huge terrain generation where the author put some walls, houses, trees and additional features. All this putting correctly together but with no access to house no real textur alignement...There is no real objectif except to defreat all members of this german squadron this event is taking place on a bad rainy day...

Gameplay is really the only thing to bother with and you should make some tactics to progress without having to much frustration each time you die...because you will certainly, more than once. There is nearly no health and even if you have full ammo in your sniper rifle, I really recommand you to pick up the enemies weapons if you can. Enemy placement is dramaticly good with some respawn in your back at time and they have, most of them, also a huge ability to shot you with a huge efficiency. If this is your kind of challenge in gameplay you will be certainly happy with this one and the over 140 german that need to R.I.P.

In conclusion: This type of gameplay is certainly not my cup of tea and since i'm more taking attention to the general layout and design than to some frustrating gameplay, I won't reserve a good rating for this one, I'm pretty sure that some here will like it, that's why I intend to finish it and post it at the WWspmapcorner.

Playtime : 1 hour

Rating : A B C D E (53%)

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