Saturday, 12 September 2009

Church Crookham for MOHAA

Level name : test_churchcrookham

Author : no info about

Date of release : 28 January 2005

Size : 3 935 ko

Number of maps : 1

Website : none


Author's note:



I didn't find any info it's a classic well put together mission! There is a single objective to retrieve documents, to succeed in it, you will need to fight and travel a lot in a coutnry yard full of well designed locations from some house to bunker with at the end a destroyed village.

Design is directly quite impressive except the way you progression is oriented (bushes walls) the design is quite imaginative on a starting summer night on a not simply flat terrain you will need to progress with sometime help of your squad...enemies awaits you everywhere from a bunker to a house and even more. It's visually good and enjoyable to provide what we all are looking for :' and after the next corner what will I face' except some sky texture problem, that seems to disepear sometime, I didn't encounter any problem or missmatch.

Gameplay is perfrectly put together through enemy placement and will provide some challenge through a quite big amount of fight spread over all the visited location, weapons and health need to be picked up from killed enemies so it's better to not take to much time to progress in order to prevent items to disapears. Everything is well balance and help, even if limited from squad mate add certainly a good point to this small mission

In conclusion: Even if I still didn't play a lot of mission for MOHAA this was will certianly be classified in the good ones. Through a well put together design and architecture, enhanced by an enjoyable gameplay this is, for shure, a recommanded one

Playtime : 20 minutes

Rating : A B C D E (85%)

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