Friday, 4 December 2009

Short and Quick update

Hi All,
it has been quite a while since I put some more stuff inside this blog, one comment was put regarding a dead link which has been updated if there are some other don't hesitate to ask me for updating them.

I really lack of time since september (mostly due to work) and also had to face with a HDD crash so I still didn't install back all WW2 game but be sure I will try to add several update before end of the year due to holiday.

Actually i'm playing MOH:Airbone which actually, i'm half way of, let me a mixed feeling,  more like a half empty bottle I started to prepare a review of it which should be the for the next update.

I have also started A new poll (regarding the maps and mods), I always play everything but thaught this site would only be dedicated to good or at least worth release so would you like to have all of them for you own collection without taking in account they could be crap.

End of the year his also a good moment to give or ask for present under the tree if you don't know what to choose I think the 10th anniversary bunble of Medal Of Honor could be a good one.

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