Friday, 24 July 2009

The Great River for MOHAA

Level name : The Great River

Author : George 'BAX' Baxevanis

Date of release : 3 january 2003

Size : 527 ko

Number of maps : 1

Website : none

Download: at filefront

Author's note:

It is a single player map for MOHAA. I worked a lot with the AI part and the script.The map is fictional and the place is not historically accurate. I wanted to make a stage that has water, bunkers and chaos(like OMAHA)..

This is another really short experience straight forwar in a limited area main objective is to cross the river, enter the bunker area and clear everything and final face the cunter attack.
Design is quite limited to some terrain two bunker and some small feature, there are no error (I may have missed them) and no highlight that is quite basic map.
Gameplay is quite easy when you enter the bunker area (first puzzle is not perfectly functionning) and then well helped by your team mate I will be a 'cleaning' rush nothing else to tell and quite fast finished...

In conclusion: this is really the less we can ask for having something to shew on...

Playtime : 10 minutes

Rating : A B C D E (52%)

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