Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Hold or Die for COD2

Level name : Hold or Die

Author : The Mod Doctor

Date of release : 6 Mai 2009

Size : 12 992 ko

Number of maps : 1

Website : none


Author's note:

The first version of this map was origionally designed to enter in the modscon07.2 mapping contest at http://www.modsonline.com/


after a first release for a mapping contest the author took a littel more time to polish the design and script a little more this release so that even if it provide a quite limited area of gameplay the event and objective to achieve really create an intense but enjoyable to play mission.

Design is quite limited a landfield, some houses and roads to provide the battle experience. Everything is correctly design but simply a little to limited in my thinking especially regrading the amount of objective that will make you visit this one in all direction and place that could be a place of battle.
Gameplay is made in a perfectly squad spirit with some retreat, ambush and rushing experience all what could be encounter in COD2 will come to you at a certain moment, even if its seems to never end and a little to repetitive regarding the map size it was never frustrating nor boring but stil felt a litle short to be a memorable experience.

In conclusion: with a good use of scritping and trigerring event, the author succeed in making from a quite too empty and limited map a quite enjoyable experience, it's not perfect but worth to give it a try

Playtime : 20 minutes

Rating : A B C D E (67%)

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