Thursday, 15 March 2007

test map for COD2

Level name : Test map

Author : Chrizz

Date of release : 1 November 2006

Size : 280 ko

Number of maps : 1

Website : none

Download link: here


None since it's is just a map to show how create a sp level for COD2


You might think it is strange to review a demo map that only try to show how to create a single play map or perhaps you think: he certainly will add a smal review just to critic a certainly bad design map without good texturing, design and gameplay and that why i review this one that is certainly short and lack storyline or challenge but in comparaison with other map for COD2 called Kublai Khan's Palace, JailBreak or 5togo (those maps really disapoints me by backing me in the FPS stone age release for DOOM or Duke Nukem where ton's of crap where release) that it's certainly not that difficult to create something correct and enjoyable.

Design is pretty basic but correctly squaled and varied there is even a house or two a trench all put together with good enemy triggering and weapon in the place they should be. It cetainly make me think to a king of Hazard course.

Gameplay is simple and fast so an experienced played could certaintly starts his chronograph and rush in it for the less time he can (this could have been add to the release by triggering a sort of countdown to succeed the map in less than 5 minutes for example).

Other things to mention is that i didn't encoutered any bug or problems even if it's just too short.

In conclusion: and interesting learn and play release that shows the mapping skill of the author, defenetly looking for something more consistent

Playtime : 10 minutes

Rating : A B C D E (60%)

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