Friday, 30 March 2007

Town square for COD

Level name : Town Square

Author : Jeff Browne

Date of release : 24 April 2005

Size : 3 864 ko

Number of maps : 1

Website : here

Download link: here

None describe by the author. It's just a small town neer Carentan that you need to 'clean' from enemies and after use a MG42 to resist till reinforcement comes


The author who has been graduated by the Guildhall at Smu (
start this project in a way he wanted to create something different in a short time (less than a month).

Design and architecture are really well done using a perfect mix of architecture, texturing and squaling in a 'non flat' small town. There isn't a lot to explore but attention has been put to surrounding detail, houses, church(include cemetary) and even the lighting. Its tiny but nearly perfect .

Gameplay is also well handled: fighting through the town with you squad produce a lot of triggered ambushes that will cause a lot of suprise and from each direction. Objective are simple and easy to execute. You won't walk for miles in this towns and fight won't take ages to complete, but challenge is defenetly present with all the enemies respawn that will occur.

In conclusion: Short, sweet, well worth to give it a try and to certainly put in front of mapping newbies to show that with a good immersion into a game by coding and mapping it seems really easy to make a good level

Playtime : 20 Minutes

Rating : A B C D E (85%)

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