Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Corfu liberty for MOHAA

Level name : Corfu Liberty

Author : Dimitris JimmyBo Krokidis

Date of release : 22 February 2003

Size : 1 963 ko

Number of maps : 1

Website : none

Download: filefront

Story - Mission:

Mission Background
The location is Corfu Island in a small coastal town during the German occupation of Greece. The occupying forces have turned the town into a coastal fortress, turning out and forcing the locals into hiding in the hills of Corfu.

The Mission Story
Hiding in the Corfu hills you see your people suffer and long to have their homes back again. With most able bodied Greek men either imprisoned or in resistance actions elsewhere freedom of the town looks a long way off. But the sudden promise of Allied air support for the local resistance in knocking out the beach artillery, which is becoming a problem for the passing transports, gives you an idea that is surely a suicide mission.

On a clear night you set off alone to free your town from it's dark oppression, or die trying.


The author did a lot effort in making this map adding detail and other stuff to make one of the most enjoyable map from the time is was published.

Design is well put together perhaps a little too flat and a little bit to repetitive regarding house layout but attention to the variety of building, the way you can travel through and the well optimized sea effect, occuring event like the plane bombing, certainly make those small default negligable. Everything was well put together with some cutom content the ravel, mostly at start the sneaking, will permit you to travel through most of the room with good texturing and not too much repetitive. Even if the size of the map is quite big and detail with a huge amount of eneies it never suffer from slow down of bugs.

Gameplay is certainly not disapointing, a quite impressive amount of objectives will give to this mission an enjoyable playtime, adding at start a quite challenging experience through sadly perfrectly put enemies, hopefully the experience will turn to a more average still challenging experience after the first objective is accomplished. The variety of objective and enemies you need to fight will make you discover on each step forward something new witch will leave at last a enjoyable filling of finishing this unique mission

In conclusion: An impressive mission with some high challenging experience that shouldn't make you giving this one up, just fight to the end and you will finish the expeirence with pleasure.

Playtime : 1 hour 30 minutes

Rating : A B C D E (88%)

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