Tuesday, 1 June 2010

City for COD4

Level name : SP map City

Author : Voidsource

Date of release : 20 December 2009

Size : 117 360 ko

Number of maps : 1

Website : here

Download link: here


In the years after MacMillan takes Capt. Price and Gaz under his wing, he also takes another lad by the name of Eri. He is yet to earn his place among the best. So to initiate Pvt. Eri, MacMillan decides to give him a simple test. To rescue some agents captured by the enemy in an unknown city. This city is very hostile. Full with full intense shootouts, and unbelievable scenes, this map will sure test the player's ability to think fast and make the right move otherwise he will end up dead.


It seems that this is the first release from the author and in this way it’s quite impressive through an investigation into a city with you mate you will need to progress in order to save some guys and after escape…but it won’t go that easy

Design: Is well balance from the way you progress in all direction from up to down with lots of attention to detail regarding environment settings. The general architecture, layout (being a little claustrophobic) and texturing could have been a little more polished but it’s already from good quality. The place has really a feeling of a city under siege with lots of abandoned things, huge building with some partially destroyed look to inaccessible area that really open the environment and the way you move and progress also is put together to never been repetitive in a finally quite restrictive environment

Gameplay: is also quite well arranged from a first sneaking part with you team mate to some more complicated gameplay through heavy ambushed non repetitive because associated with different objectives, good saving points and a lot of interaction through voice and on screen message. Surprise is always awaiting you at the corner and the experience flows perfectly even if those heavy ambushed with combat lets a feeling of multiplayer experience where you really need skill and accuracy with isn’t my case. The mission is really intense and won’t really let you breath, some triggering effect of enemies (like on the rooftop) sometimes provide too much enemies so that it look unbeatable but you are really captivated and so even if there is sometimes a little of frustration you will continue so reach the helicopter and escape…but for this ending something else awaits you but I won’t tell you because it’s really well done.

In conclusion: a well managed experience that perfectly mix design and gameplay the author seems to be working on another one and I can wait for it…certainly another recommaneded one.

Playtime : 50 minutes

Rating : A B C D E (88%)

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